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BlogFive Exercises to Build a Better Body for Cycling

Five Exercises to Build a Better Body for Cycling

Whether you wish to boost your speed and power or prevent injury, strength training should be a part of your weekly training program. These Five exercise will help you build a better body for cycling.

1. Core

It takes more than simply pedaling to ride a bike. While your legs are in charge of doing the actual job of turning the crank, the rest of your body has a greater part than you may think. The importance of core strength is often underestimated when it comes to riding a bike. The more powerful your core is, the more of your strength is used to propel you forward. As a result, whether pedaling out of the seat or in an aero position, core strength is very vital. While cycling requires core stability, riding itself greatly increases your core strength, but it’s also worth doing some additional core training – your back will thank you for it while you go for a ride! Here are a few essential exercises to attempt to enhance your general core strength, with varying degrees of difficulty:

    a.Elbow / Tall Plank

    b.Floor Bridge

    c.Hollow Holds


    e.Boxer Ball Crunch


2. Hamstrings


Improve the strength and endurance of your hamstrings if you have trouble cycling uphill. Whether you bike on level roads, hills, or a combination of both, cycling engages all of the muscles in your legs. Because uphill cycling puts more emphasis on your glutes and hamstrings, and endurance-building workout for the backs of your upper legs can help you climb more effectively. 

The hamstrings are an important region to work on for cyclists who want to increase their performance. One of the most prevalent athletic injuries is a hamstring strain. Weak hamstrings are significantly more susceptible to strains and rips than strong hamstrings, and you don’t want to be out of the saddle due to injury. Exercises for your hamstrings include:

    a.Glute Bridge Raises

    b.Glute Ham Raises

    c.Bodyweight leg curls

    d.Razor Curl

3. Back

The majority of cyclists complain about their back pain as a result of cycling. A faulty position on the bicycle, an incorrect size selection, poor pedaling technique, excessive weight in the backpack, improper eating, and other factors can all contribute to frequent discomfort and agony. Maintaining a strong back seeks various factors to help you perform better and avoid pain or discomfort caused by various factors. We will concentrate on lower back aches and the exercises that may be used to alleviate these symptoms: 

    a.Kettlebell Swings


    c.Leg lifted Plank

    d.High Lunges Twist


4. Glutes


Because your glutes are the largest muscles in your body, it can be used to make you more of an engine. However, in order to avoid injury, the muscle group must also be functioning properly. Your glutes are a force to be reckoned with, a powerhouse. Strong glutes will aid in propelling you up slopes faster and reducing tiredness. Glute contraction should be as simple as wiggling your fingers, but many people find it difficult because their minds have been detached from their big motors as a result of lengthy periods of sitting and a lack of practice. The good news is that very basic workouts may have a significant influence on your glutes’ efficacy. The exercises are: 

    a.Glute Bridge

    b.Goblet Squat

    c.Banded pull-through

    d.Step Up

5. Quads

The apparent reason for any rider to practice these workouts is because greater strength equals more power, which equals more speed. Quads that are strong increase your resistance to fatigue and boost the power of your pedal stroke. However, for trail bikers, another vital factor is crucial. Strength training, both on and off the bike, is required to improve quad strength. Only a few critical movements are required for this. These quad workouts can help you spin more powerfully and quickly. To get the quad muscles you’ve always wanted, include these exercises into your routines: 

    a.Slider Lunge

    b.Lunge Split Jump

    c.Walking Lunges 

    d.Pistol squat


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