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About us

Who We Are?

About us

Skills & thrills is a systematic platform for those wanting to learn & improve their mountain biking skills.
We  provide step to step guidance on tricks and techniques classes from beginners to intermediate riders ranging in topic from ground based to trail based sessions.
Skills and thrills focus on guiding riders safely and boost their confidence through skilled  coaches. Along with the mountain biking skills  course, we focus on knowledge of first aid and maintenance necessary to avoid fatal injuries and enforce safety for any trails and terriens. 

Enhance your Skill, Become a Better Rider

Whether You’re A complete Beginner Or Intermediate Mountain Biker, Our Clinics Are Personalized To Your Skill Level which will help you ride confidently in trails. - Nishma shrestha

Our Story

Nepal can be a great platform for mountain biking and has been growing within the cycling community, having riders of all kinds. Our research and questioning with the riders facing various difficulties in this field led us to know what is missing in nepal’s cycling /mountain biking community.
We bring in experienced and professionally trained coaches who have won various international games and are uci certified instructing all level riders. We also focus on body positioning to first aid and maintenance tips along with skills courses boosting riders confidence.
We motivate every rider no matter their age /gender/ethnicity and influence all who are interested in mountain biking.We love to encourage and build a good community enjoying mountain biking along with nature.

Our first main target is to create awareness and education among the nepalese community about the importance and acceptance of this sport. This adventurous sport not only is thrilling and fun but also can make a great career option in nepal itself and if wanted in international levels as well. Learning tricks, first aid and maintenance only adds to the riders skills and safety.
Beside skill training, skills & thrills has a long term vision to promote local destination’s culture, food, ethnicity, nature through tourism. Along with kathmandu, our 2022 goal is to introduce skill training in hetauda, dharan, birtamod, itahari, pokhara and have a great plan to organise skills sessions all over nepal where we will train various interested riders and also promote local job opportunities with them through tourism.
We later support participants in promoting their own hometown’s nature, history, culture and lifestyle through it by selling mountain biking trip packages to the travellers. The skills and thrills team is also very hopeful towards hiring our own participants in our retreat session packages.


Meet our team

Our all coaches are professional uci and mbla certified instructors who have been actively doing sessions and are very passionate in this field. Besides that, we are enthusiastic about helping you reach your goal. We believe in supporting fierce individuals and helping each other in growing up.
Observing the skills gaining expectations you have, we help you to push your limits maintaining safety. We believe that every person comes with their fear, viewpoint, expectations during the sessions which we talk about it individually and help them work on it.
Our instructors share the skills and their experiences to help you reach beyond your expectation. You can go beyond your limit, we are here to help you get out of your comfort zone and help you get succeed.
Always remember that it’s progress that matters, not perfection! Small or big, every improvement matters and it’s you who will give all your efforts in it, seeing you doing it is our biggest achievement!



Nishma started mountain biking as her hobby at an early age. Turning hobby into a passion, she has represented and won various international games and is UCI CERTIFIED COACH (since 2016). She has done multiple free sessions for females. Now through Skills & Thrills, she is providing the platform to every person who wants to improve & learn all the skills of MTB. Her main goal is to provide expert training to future athletes and assist their skills development.

usha khanal


Usha is a MBLA Level-2 certified instructor who has won multiple xc and xc marathons and is both national and international rider. She is also a SAG 2019 XC silver medalist. Now through Skills & Thrills Usha is guiding future generations in developing their skills in MTB.



Ajay is passionate about cycling be it racing or, race management or, mountain bike tours. He started getting serious about racing since 1999 – 2000 and hasn’t looked back. His goal is to groom riders into good athletes and also create a better racing environment.